COOLFEET is an efficient deodorant for foot and shoe, with a refreshing menthol smell. It helps keep all feet and shoes odourless the entire day. This unique treatment works instantly against bad odours and excessive perspiration.


  - Deodorises and disinfects
  - Refreshes and stimulates the feet
  - Nourishes the skin and increases elasticity
  - A natural approach to controlling foot odour: it neutralizes the sweat
  - Works instantly against perspiration 
  - Works up to 5 days in your shoe
  - Provides a refreshing menthol smell to the feet
  - Can be used for feet, shoes and legs
  - Provides an anti-fatigue feeling, it relaxes feet and legs
  - Easy to use: a COOLFEET bottle is small and sprays right side up and upside down


  - COOLFEET Deodorant ingredients INCI: Alcohol Denat, Aqua, Mentha Arvensis, Perfume, Menthol.
  - Produced by: BNN+, Spiegelstraat 9, 3300 Tienen, Belgium.
  - The product is biologically compiled in accordance with the EEC cosmetics     regulations.
  - The product is packed in an ozone friendly, CFC-free bottle.