some important figures

- 98% of all children are born with healthy feet
- only a minority of grown-ups has healthy feet!
- 9 out of 10 adults have feet problems


A foot can actually perspire up to 50 mililitres of moisture in a 12-hour period of light walking and sitting. This would be equivalent to approximately half of an ounce of water. Imagine how much perspiration can occur on the feet under heavy or extraneous activities.

So it is important that we treat our feet the right way. But up to now, a survey in Belgium shows that only a few people give their feet the care they deserve.

Well-known doctor Scholl made a study in 2002. It shows that women above 50 year regularly treat their feet. Belgians were obviously not so worried about what is happening down there. Meanwhile times are changing and people are concerned about daily hygiene for their feet.